About the Money and Pension Panel

The Money and Pension Panel is a board established by the Danish Parliament in June 2007 (Act No. 576 of 6 June 2007).


The aim of the Money and Pension Panel is to further a more comprehensive knowledge of and interest in financial matters among consumers. 

The main tasks of the panel are from an objective point of view: 

  • to provide consumer information about financial products and services
  • to carry out and publish financial market studies of e.g. prices, costumer services and conditions at various financial suppliers
  • to carry out consumer affairs studies thereby achieving a better understanding of e.g. consumer views, consumer behaviour and consumer affairs with regards to the provision of financial services.


The Danish Financial Supervision Authority (FSA) provides technical and analytical assistance and acts as the secretariat of the Panel.

The FSA is an agency under the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth. 

See the organisational chart

Chairman and Members

The Money and Pension Panel is composed of a chairman with special and scientific knowledge of consumer research and eight members.


  • Carsten Tanggaard, Professor 
    (Appointed by the Minister for Business and Growth) 


  • Susanne Dolberg, Vice President 
    (Nominated by Danish Securities Dealers Association & Danish Bankers Association) 
  • Peter Wendt, cand.polit. 
    (Nominated by Danish Shareholders Association) 
  • Vagn Jelsøe, Vice President 
    (Nominated by The Danish Consumer Council) 
  • Troels Hauer Holmberg, Senior Economic Advisor 
    (Nominated by The Danish Consumer Council)
  • Carsten Andersen, Vice President 
    (Nominated by Danish Insurance Association) 
  • Torben Groth Hansen, Head of Communication 
    (Nominated by The Federation of Danish Investment Associations) 
  • Jan Knøsgaard, Deputy Director General 
    (Nominated by The Association of Danish Mortgage Banks)
  • Ingerlise Buck, Consultant (LO)
  • Michael Budolfsen, Vice President
    (Nominated by The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations, The Danish Confederation of Trade Unions  and Confederation of Professionals in Denmark )


  • Louise Skjødsholm
    Head of section
    Phone: +45 33 55 83 06
    E-mail: lsh@ftnet.dk
  • Morten Holm Steinvig
    Head of section
    Phone: +45 33 55 84 37
    E-mail: mhs@ftnet.dk


Report by the Committee of the Money and Pension Panel on pensions. The report offers recommendations for a default option for labour-market pensions, and gives a comprehensive description of the Danish pensions system.

Full report (pdf)

Summary of the report from the Committee of the Money and Pension Panel on pensions:

Summary (pdf)


The Money and Pension Panel's campaign "Broke - avoid petty debts" (Fall 2011):

Summary (pdf)  


The Money and Pension Panel's Consumers Barometer (February 2009):

Fact sheet (pdf)

The Money and Pension Panel's study of 18-25 year-old's consumer loans and savings (October 2008):

Fact sheet (pdf)